Integral Ecology

Integral ecology highlights the intrinsic interconnectedness among environmental, economic, political, social, cultural and ethical realities. It requires a comprehensive vision to address what are simultaneously environmental and human crises.

In the words of Pope Francis, “The human environment and the natural environment deteriorate together; we cannot adequately combat environment degradation unless we attend to causes related to human and social degradation. . . . The gravest effects . . . on the environment are suffered by the poorest.”
Laudato Si’, #48

The Chapter calls each of us to the following acts of solidarity:

  • To stand with people and groups who work for and advocate for the care of Earth, our common home.
  • To examine our lifestyles and our patterns of consumption in order to reduce our negative impact on Earth by 1% per year.
  • To study, analyze and engage in actions against global economic systems that dehumanize people or contribute to the destruction of Earth, our common home.
  • To incorporate ecological awareness in our educational ministries.

To address the water problem in Lesotho, characterized by both drought and contamination, which affects food production and the health of the nation. In solidarity with our Basotho sisters and all the people of Lesotho, we commit ourselves to:

  • Renew our commitment to the NGO, Transformation Resource Centre, which trains the people and helps them to defend their human rights, especially related to the construction of dams in Lesotho.
  • Continue our financial assistance to offset the effects of the famine in Lesotho.

To act in solidarity with all peoples in regions affected by the lack of potable water, particularly Lesotho, Peru, Brazil and indigenous communities in many regions. We also commit ourselves to:

  • Work in partnerships with agencies that provide training and equipment to villages lacking clean water.
  • Advocate for corporate change in companies that pollute water.
  • Engage in impact investing with companies developing solutions to furnish drinking water in regions affected by drought and/or contaminated water

— The text on this page has been extracted from
     Open Wide Our Doors, Acts of the Thirty-Fourth General Chapter 2016