The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) are marking the important moment that 50 years of religious life in the congregation represents; it is a time based on the date of first profession.

Jubulee is a moment of grace, recognition, reflection and of gratitude to God, life and the people met met throughout the years. It is also the occasion to live a moment of celebration and to express wishes for a year of blessings and graces for each jubilarian.

Celebration activities include pilgrimage to the sacred sites of the foundation of the Congregation in Quebec. Here is a brief look.

50 Years of Religious Profession - 2017

Sr. Eusebia Seipati (Francesca Maria) LES
Sr. Mary-Annette Dworshak  (Beatrice Ann) UO
Sr Edith Grenier (Antoinette-Marie) MB
Sr. Carol Fleitz (Roxanne Marie) UO
Sr. Claudette Bastien (Rachel-de-Jésus) QC
Sr. Kay Heberling (Jean Marjorie) UO
Sr Lorraine Mongeon (Laure-de-Marie) QC
Sr. Kathleen Hecht (Benjamin Mary) UO
Sr. Sr Lise Gagnon (Lucie-Danielle) SM
Sr. Charlyne Brown (Rose-Malia) UO
Sr. Jane Hibbard (Margaret Marie) UO
Sr. Mary Duffy (Mary Michele) UO
Sr. Emma Bézaire (Adrienne-Maria) UO
Sr. Margaret (Peggy) Kennedy (Roch Marie) UO
Sr. Jocie-Rhea Chism (Marie) UO
Sr. Roberta Lamanna (Ann Michele) UO
Sr. Helen Petrimoulx (Catherine Maria) UO

Jubilarians of 2017 who took part in the activities organized in Longueuil and on the pilgrimage to the historic SNJM sites on the Richelieu.

50 Years of Religious Profession - 2018


Sr. Maria Ciccarelli   MB
Sr Janet Marcisz  (Mary Marisha) UO
Sr Yvonne Massicotte   MB
Sr. Mary-Ann Martinmaas (Colette Marie) UO
Sr. Mary Boys (Mary Paula) UO
Sr. Marilyn Miller  (Ann Kristin) UO
Sr. Mary-Ann Colapietro  (Annamarie Therese) UO
Sr. Cheryl Milner (Ann Richarde) UO
Sr. Ann Gilchrist (Charles Robert) UO
Sr. Maureen Oliver (Sean Patrick) UO
Sr. Kathryn Knoll (David Mark) UO
Sr. Carol Sellman (Maureen Ann) UO
Sr. Susan Maloney (David Maria) UO

50 Years of Religious Profession - 2019

Sr. Anacleta Mohanoe (Alixius Maria) LES
Sr. Patricia Hunter   UO
Sr. Mary Dernovek   UO
Sr. Susan-Ann Mitchell   UO
Sr. Diane Enos   UO
Sr. Martha Rolley   UO
Sr. Kathleen-Ann Hepner   UO
Sr. Nicki Thomas   UO

The group participating in the pilgrimage 2019

To learn more about the jubilarians and the celebrations, visit their province Website.

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