An Inspired Mission

Our foundress, Marie-Rose Durocher, lived only 38 years, 6 of which she lived as a religious in the congregation that she dedicated to Jesus and Mary.

Through her radiant personality, her strongly committed life and her gift of bringing people together, she left her mark wherever she lived.

Understanding the Needs of the Community

With her pioneering companions, Marie-Rose paved the way for over 7,000 women religious who were inspired by the inner fire that drew her to God and led her towards others.

Her “active charity” knew how to grasp the urgent needs of her community and to be creative in responding to those needs. Her great intuition was to found a teaching congregation devoted to educating youth at a time when there was a major lack in Quebec in this field.

Comprehensive Education

Founded in 1843, our congregation grew quickly. Thousands of young people were able to benefit from a comprehensive education. With many partners in mission, we have kept the flame alive for 175 years, an anniversary we celebrated in 2018.

The spiritual heritage, the educational vision of “the full development of the human person” and the concern for justice bequeathed by Marie-Rose Durocher remain alive and in constant adaptation to the multiple needs and challenges of our societies in constant transformation.