Migrants and Refugees

Sensitive to the issue of immigration and racism-related crises for many years, the Acts of Chapter 2011 invited the congregation to step up its action to “collaborate with immigrants, refugees and indigenous peoples to resist racism, defend the rights of human beings and create host communities.” *

The SNJM Justice and Peace Network then prepared an information document outlining the situation on the migratory crisis, the causes and the possible solutions. Following an awareness, analysis and reflection process, in May 2017 we adopted our corporate stand on migrant and refugee people.

In the spirit of the Acts of the 34th General Chapter, held in 2016, we have clearly expressed our desire to:

  • Work with the people and organizations in our regions who serve immigrants and refugees to defend their rights and meet their most pressing needs.
  • Seek the formation of meaningful relationships with refugees or immigrants, individuals, families or groups, to understand their reality, to be touched by their experiences, to be aware of their needs and to respond appropriately.
  • Be on the lookout for educational opportunities that increase our sensitivity and understanding of the causes that pull people away from their homes, causes which lead to economic disparities between people, human trafficking, violence perpetrated by governments and the destruction of the Earth.

(* Acts of the 33rd General Chapter – 2011)

SNJM Corporate Stand on Migrants and Refugees (2017)

“We, members of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, guided by our faith and our charism, collaborate with migrant and refugee people to promote respect for their rights. We call on all nations, especially those with a SNJM presence, to strengthen the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for all migrant and refugee people around the world. “

 An SNJM Call to the Global Community in PDF Format

Immigrant History in PDF Format:

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Final Document in PDF Format: Corporate Stand on Migrants and Refugees