Show your Solidarity

Concrete efforts to develop creative solutions to specific and urgent needs are made by sisters in collaboration with the people in their milieux. The majority of these cases concern women and children in particular, but also marginalized populations.

Inspired by the daring spirit of Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher, our founder, several projects have emerged in Brazil, Lesotho and Peru to respond to particular situations by always considering education as liberating action.

These projects require support from abroad in the actions against inequalities and poverty. You can collaborate in these efforts by offering a tax exempt donation. Please continue reading to discover the current SNJM mission projects (or download the flyer here).



Brazil - Centro Social Madre Maria Rosa (CSMMR)

Context: Brazil has nearly 15 million people whose incomes are below $1.90 a day, according to World Bank data.

Objective: To be an active presence focused on solidarity and hope for the children, adolescents and women of the Benedito Bentes I region who live in situations of great social vulnerability.

Where: Maceió, state of Alagoas on the northeast coast of Brazil.

Created in 2012, this community center offers educational, cultural and recreational activities for children and adolescents in which they develop self-esteem and respect for others and the environment. It offers craft workshops to women to encourage pride in self, promote their independence and create bonds of solidarity. In addition, the CSMMR serves a hearty meal to thirty people on a daily basis.

Other activities of the CSMMR include the Children’ s Pastoral which offers assistance to pregnant women, young mothers and their children from 0 to 6 years old, family visits and monthly meetings.

Donations received will be used to purchase food for the preparation of nutritious meals and for materials for workshops and activities.

Lesotho — Reaching out to Teenagers

Context: 57% of the population of this small country, landlocked by South Africa, lives below the poverty line. In recent years, the City of Maseru is experiencing a steady increase of young teenagers who are dropping out of school and turning to begging for food and money.

Objectives: Assist in planning a future for young orphans or children who are abandoned by their family by promoting their personal development, their return to school and by providing food for them.

Where: Maseru (267 000 inhabitants), capital of Lesotho, based at Mabathoana Convent.

The context of drought forces families to settle in the suburbs of the big city in the hope of finding work. Unfortunately, jobs are rare. These families see their problems escalating and are not able to take care of their own children.

The adolescents whom the project wishes to help are mostly orphans, responsible for their siblings or elderly grandparents. They are caught up with using marijuana or sniffing glue.

Donations received will be used to assist orphaned teenagers to build a better life through: Activities to build self- esteem; workshops to acquire life-skills; providing nutritious food; getting the teenagers back in school. It is our hope to collaborate with the schools in the region.

Lesotho — Famine Relief

Context: Lesotho is very affected by drought. The lack of water and food has disastrous consequences for the entire population of this country, 80% of whom survive on subsistence agriculture.

Objective: To feed children and families in need.

Where: The work is located at the Convent of St. Rose, Peka, a suburb of Maseru, capital of Lesotho.

It is estimated that one-third of Lesotho’s population of 2,200,000 does not have enough food. Successive episodes of drought have exhausted the meager reserves of farmers who fail to obtain significant harvests. In addition, the lack of water imposes particularly difficult sanitary conditions for a population already affected by AIDS.

Over the last three years, the project has helped feed children from impoverished families in the primary and secondary schools of the region. The donations received also helped to support the elderly and the sick of the neighboring villages who were hit very hard by the famine. All donations collected make it possible to buy basic staples, such as corn flour, for the preparation of meals in schools and for families who are poor.

Peru – Today for you Women : A Shelter for Women and Children

Context: 65% of women aged 15 to 49 are victims of sexual violence in Peru. In Lima there are more than 1500 cases of family violence per month and only 5 shelters for women whose lives are in danger.

Objectives: To provide a safe place for women and children; organize  training  workshops  for  women;  support  for  the children; create a support network among shelters in Peru.

Where: Lima, capital of Peru – nearly 9 million inhabitants

The Today for You Women project is a safe haven with services to help women and their children overcome the impacts of violence and build a new life. In a six-month period, the shelter came to the aid of 85 women, including 54 children.

Donations will support workplace training workshops to help women become financially independent.