Marie-Rose Centre

Marie-Rose Centre (CMR) is a multi-faceted historical site. This museum space is distinguished by the diversity of its permanent offerings, to which are added specific thematic tours a temporary exhibition.

Its mission is to help visitors discover the history of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) and that of its foundress Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher. It recalls the social context of the era in the field of education and promotes knowledge of a unique heritage site in Longueuil.

This museum, which is dedicated to the foundress and pioneers of this first congregation of teaching women religious, founded by a Canadian woman in 1843, will immerse you in the fascinating story of this exceptional woman and her companions who have contributed to the education of thousands of young girls and boys on three continents.

A visit to Marie-Rose Centre also opens the door to discovering many historical and heritage treasures.

In addition to the museum, visitors have access to:

  • The Old Convent (whose central part dates from around 1740).
  • The Convent Chapel, blessed in 1847
  • The historical rooms where Blessed Marie-Rose lived (her bedroom and office the Chapter Room)
  • The Foundation House (former école de la Fabrique), built in 1811
  • The exhibition hall, where every year there is an archives exhibition focusing on a different theme
  • An outdoor thematic tour of the heritage buildings, depending on the season

As a member of the Saint Lawrence River Shrines organization, Marie-Rose Centre is a great place to visit Québec’s religious heritage. It helps to both transmit history and preserve it for future generations.

A non-profit charitable organization, the Marie-Rose Centre can issue receipts for charitable donations offered by benefactors.

Temporary Exhibition

The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary exhibit hall usually features an archival exhibit on a new theme each year.

Currently being shown, until February 7, 2020, is the archive exhibition Education for Young Women: At the Centre of the SNJM Mission. This exhibit addresses girls’ access to education, still a relevant issue today as we condemn gender inequalities in education around the world.

The exhibition reveals the special approach of these nuns who dared, over time, to fill existing educational gaps by developing diversified school curricula and creating institutions, from primary school to university level. In that way, they have fostered the emancipation of women, enabling them to contribute actively to the development of their environment.

The guided tour is now by appointment only. Visitors must present proof of vaccination until further notice. For information or to make an appointment: 450 651-8104, ext. 0 |

Guided Visits

Marie-Rose Centre is open to young and old, individuals or groups. Guided tours are rich in content and the anecdotes recounted by the guides are a welcome complement to viewing artifacts and experiencing the charm of the historic places. Visiting this museum space is an invitation to dive into the history of the Congregation, which is linked to that of the City of Longueuil and 19th century Quebec society.

Depending on the components chosen, the visit can last from 45 minutes to two hours. A gift shop offers publications and various items such as medals and relics.

Marie-Rose Centre, member of the Saint Lawrence River Shrines, is open all year long by appointment. During the summer months, it is open by appointment from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


To reach the Marie-Rose Centre:

80 Saint-Charles Street East

Longueuil, Quebec J4H 1A9

450 651-8104, ext. 2 | Or via the form

Voluntary contribution



Several publications are available at the Marie-Rose Centre to help people learn more about the foundress, her companions and the Congregation. Some are free, others are sold for a nominal fee.

Here are titles of some of the books available:

Eulalie’s Book (for children), (Annette Stewart, SNJM) – $3


Mother Marie-Rose (Yolande Laberge, SNJM) Édition 2000 – $10

In the Footsteps of Mother Marie-Rose (Yolande Laberge, SNJM – 2009) – $10

Par le chemin du Roi (in french only) (Germaine Duval, SNJM) – Free

She Who Believed in Tomorrow (Frances Allison, SNJM)

New version — 2015 update Downloadable version – PDF format (to be printed on legal paper, landscape, double-sided)

A Pilgrimage of the Heart with Mother Marie-Rose to our SNJM Sacred Sites (Lorna Cooney, SNJM, and Maureen Hussey, SNJM) -$30

These publications are available at the Marie-Rose Centre gift store.


Favors - Prayers - Relics

Marie-Rose Centre responds to requests for favours, prayers and relics. You simply have to contact us.

In addition, people who are interested in praying for families, people who are sick, young people, peace, etc. can find several examples of prayers in a designated section of the site.

Finally, people wishing to pray for the canonization of Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher will also find in this section a prayer dedicated to that purpose.

Anyone who is witness to a miracle obtained by praying to Mother Marie-Rose is invited to provide the relevant information, with the help of the form below. It takes two authenticated miracles to undertake the canonization process, which extends over several years.

Saint Lawrence River Shrines

Marie-Rose Centre is a founding member of a new religious heritage circuit in Quebec, known as the “Saint Lawrence River Shrines.”

This circuit brings together five distinctive places of worship, located along the St. Lawrence River near Montreal. From the Mohawk community of Kahnawake to Varennes, through Longueuil and Boucherville, visitors have access to places where the visual arts, architecture, the diversity of artifacts and the wealth of heritage buildings come together to present a feast for the eyes.

This circuit is a beautiful tour with a historical flavour offering a contemplative atmosphere conducive to interiorization.

To learn more about the Saint Lawrence River Shrines, visit the website.

Voluntary contribution