Eulalie Durocher – Bienheureuse Marie-Rose Durocher (Œuvre de Théophile Hamel)

Prayer - 38th Anniversary of the Beatification of Marie-Rose Durocher

Mother Marie-Rose, foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM), was beatified in Rome by John Paul II on May 23, 1982, and was given the name Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher. In this way, the Church acknowledged her as a woman totally fulfilled in God.

On this day, we delight in praying to her with joy and thanksgiving.

Blessed Marie-Rose


Blessed Marie-Rose, woman in search of God,
You did not seek “the heights”
But in the simplicity of your days, you were able to please our God .
Blessed are you by God!


Blessed Marie-Rose, woman with heart on fire,
Through the gift of your life and the radiance of your presence,
You planted life and light in the hearts of all who met you.

Blessed are you by God!


Blessed Marie-Rose, woman of mission,
You saw the needs of your time and heard the call;

Risking change to sow new life.

Blessed are you by God!


Blessed Marie-Rose, woman of tenderness,
You “took the children by the hand
In order to lead them towards tomorrow.”

Blessed are you by God!


Blessed Marie-Rose, woman of hope,
You are ever alive in our midst.
Give us strength and courage for our journey.                                  

Blessed are you by God!


We pray:
Blessed Marie-Rose, you who have found grace before God, intercede for us.

Obtain for us the audacity of Faith, the simplicity of Hope and the power of Love.  


Source : Centre Marie-Rose, May 2020

Prayer for Canonization

God our Creator, we ask you to manifest the holiness of your faithful servant

Marie-Rose Durocher,

by extraordinary signs so that the Church may proclaim her a saint and call upon her as a public witness to Christian life based on the Gospel.

Remember her heroic virtues as the foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, her zeal for Christian education, her love for Jesus and Mary.

Remember her great love for You, O God, and graciously grant the favors we confidently ask through her intercession.


Daily Prayer

Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher obtain for us today
the audacity of FAITH,
the simplicity of HOPE,
the power of LOVE so that we may actualize the word of Jesus:
“I have come to cast fire on the earth.
How I wish that fire were blazing already!”
(Luke 12,49)

Prayer for Our Families

Marie-Rose Durocher,

You who loved children and wanted couples and families

to be happy,

be present in their everyday life Intercede with Jesus and Mary

so that by communication and mutual respect they reach a union of hearts.


Prayer for the Sick

Marie-Rose Durocher, 

you knew the limits of frail health 

and you loved the sick you visited very much. lntercede with Jesus and Mary 

so that people who suffefind comfort 

and remain courageous in their trial. 


Prayer for Joy

Marie-Rose Durocher, 

you remained serene in difficulties because you knew you were loved by God. 

Intercede with Jesus and Mary 

so that we may know how to welcome lifwith wisdom and gratitude. 

May we be filled witjoy anmay it radiate on others. 


Prayer for Commitment

Marie-Rose Durocher, 

yowho knew so well how to speak about God, morthaanything, you wanted 

to kindlthe fire of Love on the earth. ln our everyday commitments, 

obtain fous from Jesus and Mary the grace of living the Gospel 

and of revealing thface of God. 


Prayer for Youth

Marie-Rose Durocher, 
you founded your congregation 
for the education of children. 

Look on our young peoplwith love. 
Accompany them in their formation. 

Mayour intercession with Jesus and Mary 
obtain for them the desire to live 

and express their values. 


Prayer for Peace

Marie-Rose Durocher
you who were so attentive 
to the society of your time, 

see the suffering of our world. 
Intercede for uwith Jesus and Mary 
so that peace 

may reign in our hearts 

and among nations. 



Prayer for Confidence

Marie-Rose Durocher, 

you have known our times of uncertainty, of criticism and of material difficulties. 

Far from being discouraged, 
you trusteiGod’s “providence.” 

lthe battles of life, 

obtain for us from Jesus and Marystrength courage and confidence . 


Prayer for Love

Marie-Rose Durocher,
in all your relationships, 

you knew how to welcome, listen to, 
and give importance to each person. 
You favoured pardon and reconciliation. 

Obtain for ufrom Jesus and Mary, the grace of loving others 

and of considering them witrespecand attention.