The year 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the beatification of Marie-Rose Durocher, founder of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM).

On this occasion, the Marie-Rose Chapel, located in the right transept of the co-cathedral of Longueuil, was renovated. Artifact display counters were installed and the signage was revised to present six specific sections related to the founder, her values, the congregation she founded and her legacy.

By using the QR codes on the posters, visitors to the Marie-Rose Chapel can dive into the world of Marie-Rose and the actions of the Congregation in mission since 1843. Below, you will find the themes of these posters which provide access to rich content in the form of texts, videos, podcasts and photo albums.This content will be progressively increased over time. Already under the title of the first poster (Tribute – Do you know Marie-Rose Durocher?) on this page, you have an overview of this varied content.

It is an invitation to discover a rich past and a present that is still active and brings great hopes for the future!

Always on a mission for justice and the safeguarding of Creation An inspirational figure Educating to liberate and transform To help: Women and children in difficulty, migrant and refugee people, people in search of meaning... Tribute Why a religious congregation?

Do you know Marie-Rose Durocher?

This section invites you to discover the various facets of Mother Marie-Rose. In the first video, we present her life story in a poetic form. In the following sections, we add texts to reveal some of her personality traits and important dates. Another video clip of the Blessed’s favorite song presents several artistic works that represent her.

"My Trust Lies in You"

Discover Mother Marie-Rose’s favorite song performed by Sister Francisca Khooa from Lesotho. You will see several works of art by various creators wishing to represent the gifts and some facets of the SNJM founder.

Coming soon

An audio capsule highlighting the little story of the SNJM founder’s miniature. Other elements will be added soon to present several facets of the personality and life of Mother Marie-Rose Durocher.