Acts of the 34th General Chapter

At the 34th General Chapter of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, held in Cornwall in July 2016, SNJM delegates agreed on several commitments after a long process of analysis and reflection.

Aware of society’s evolution and its impacts for both the Congregation itself and for the population in general, the sisters made some firm commitments, including:

  • As we acknowledge our own aging and smaller size as a Congregation, we commit ourselves to participate in shaping the evolution of religious life for the future. We invite all who share the SNJM charism and mission to deepen and expand our commitment to share this charism widely.

In a world where the cries of peoples are multiplying for peace, reconciliation and a more equitable sharing of resources:

  • We therefore pledge ourselves to seek and participate in collaborative structures, relationships and actions that will liberate life….

The Acts of the 34th SNJM General Chapter are available upon request and are on the congregational website’s intranet.

Adventure with the Spirit

God of our past, our present, our future,
you call us from a future abundant in grace, full of challenge,
and rich in possibility.
You invite us to leave the familiar, to forge new paths,
to risk moving forward with the destination uncertain.

Grant us continually renewed fidelity
to the radical call of the Gospel and to our founding charism.
Help us to listen deeply as we discern together our response
to the needs of our community, the church, and the world today.

Launch us anew with passionate love.
Give us a daring spirit.
Fill us with hope.