2020-08-20-Letter COVID-19 – PLT Lesotho – CLT

August 20, 2020

Sisters and Affiliates,

As the Provincial Leadership Team of Lesotho and as the Congregational Leadership Team, we write to you, our sisters and affiliates to share information about COVID 19 in Lesotho.

Currently Sister Monica Rasehlabo has tested positive for COVID and is in the hospital. We ask for your prayers for Monica and all the sisters in Lesotho.

You may be aware that Lesotho, for some months, was coronavirus free and was the last African country affected by the virus. At this time, the number of coronavirus cases is on the rise.

Additional protocols are in place to protect our sisters at this time:

  • Sisters will not use public transportation;
  • Sisters are confining themselves to their own convents;
  • No visitors will come to St. Rose, where our elders reside;
  • The sisters at St. Theresa Convent, where Monica resides, have been tested and are awaiting results;
  • All the sisters have been consulted (by the PLT) to give input about ways to reinforce their protections against the virus and to increase support of one another.

Right now, we seek the intervention of Marie-Rose to protect our sisters and to be with our sister-nurses in a special way during this pandemic.

We as Leadership Teams, Lesotho PLT and CLT, are in close communication daily to ensure support for our sisters and to undertake everything possible to protect the health of our Basotho sisters.

In the Names of Jesus and Mary,

Catherine Ntoloane, Francina Mokoteli, Eugenia Masheane, Aloysia Makoae, and Augustina Thokoa


Lorna Cooney, Linda Haydock,

Mary Ellen Holohan and Kathleen Ross


Lesotho Province Leadership Team

Congregational Leadership Team