Educating to liberate and transform

This theme is an invitation to discover the educational mission of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) from several angles. From the time of its foundation, the congregation led by Mother Marie-Rose wanted to contribute to improving the lot of the population, particularly through the education of young girls in the countryside. The SNJM opened boarding schools according to the needs expressed, and taught in parish schools and school boards.

Always on a mission for justice and the safeguarding of Creation An inspirational figure Educating to liberate and transform To help: Women and children in difficulty, migrant and refugee people, people in search of meaning... Tribute Why a religious congregation?

Education, a springboard for improving living conditions

Over the years, the Sisters have continued the vision of their founder by helping young people, adults and seniors to reach their full human potential. Their actions are not limited to academic teaching. They welcome with open arms the challenges that come their way, like the sisters who preceded them, to participate in the advent of a more just and humane world.