UNANIMA International launches an awareness campaign on family homelessness during COVID-19

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In response to the lack of political and global media coverage on family homelessness during the COVID-19 crisis, UNANIMA International has recently decided to launch an awareness campaign on the issue. After officially unveiling its Statement on COVID-19 and Family Homelessness on April 28, 2020, the NGO took it’s message to social media, particularly Twitter.

Building on its pioneering work during the last session of the United Nations Commission for Social Development, where homelessness, particularly for women and children, was a central focus, the UNANIMA statement recommends 10 courses of action to ensure families have their social, physical, and security needs met during the pandemic.

As active participants in UNANIMA International, and in solidarity with 80 other women religious congregations, we encourage our community to read the UNANIMA International statement by clicking on the link in the language of their choice below. We then invite you to participate in the campaign by raising awareness of the issue in your respective social networks.

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