Protection and favors attributed to Marie-Rose Durocher

Prophet of her time

Some examples of requests for protection and favors addressed to Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher.

  • Heartfelt Cry – Help us to do justice, support our family to get through the current hard times. And may good prevail over evil. – March 2011, Longueuil
  • Spiritual Help – Thank you Mother Marie-Rose for having given me the strength, the means and the inspiration to adequately accompany my sister Lucette who is living the last weeks of her life. Please help her in what is to come. – H. L., August 2011, Longueuil
  • Fire Protection – My niece was living near a gas station and the station caught fire. My husband went to throw a relic of Mother Marie-Rose into the house. Only the station was destroyed. Thank you to this good mother. – Mrs. C.B., February 2011, Quebec
  • Happy return! – My son went to war in Kabul, Afghanistan, for eight months. I regularly recommended him to Mother Marie-Rose. She granted my request. He came back safe and sound. I keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Many thanks!
  • Supplication heard – On the night of July 6, 2013, several cars loaded with fuel burned in the town of Lac Megantic. In this major fire, 47 people lost their lives.

A tank car located right in front of St. Agnes Church was threatening to explode as well. I begged Mother Marie-Rose to protect this church, because I sensed that the parishioners would need this place to worship. The firemen sprayed that car day and night for three days to cool it down. On the evening of July 8, all danger was finally over. In spite of the intensity of the fire and the numerous explosions, the church was intact, not even a window broken, while everything in the surrounding area was damaged. Thank you Mother Marie-Rose!

The pastoral staff cannot believe the special protection that has been given to their church. Thanksgiving Day is an opportunity for me to come and thank Mother Marie-Rose and to give her testimony. – C.T., August 14, 2013, Sherbrooke

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