Prophet of her time

An inspirational figure Why is the tomb of Mother Marie-Rose at the Co-Cathedral?

“The Mass of thanksgiving that we celebrate this morning in honor of Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher expresses our gratitude to the Lord for this wonderful gift that he gave to his Church. This Eucharist also allows us to see, in the light of the Gospel, the fruits of Marie-Rose Durocher’s life, fruits cultivated and developed in the Richelieu Valley where she spent her brief existence.

… Marie-Rose Durocher has known the way of the Gospel. In a fervent faith, she wanted her whole life to be faithful to the name of Jesus and Mary; she chose as her motto for her young community group: Jesus and Mary, my strength and my glory.

… Like a tree planted in the garden of her God, Marie-Rose Durocher has known the fruits of service: service to several members of her family when she could have easily been spoiled by her own since she was the youngest; service to her brother for 12 years at the presbytery in Beloeil; service to the parish community where she took the time to take care of the activities of the parish while being the housekeeper of the presbytery; service, with Henriette Céré and Mélodie Dufresne, to the youth of Longueuil during the six years she lived in community with her companions, and those who soon joined the group.

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