A woman with a heart that cares for others

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A woman with a heart that cares for others

Under the influence of her mother, who mastered the art of hospitality, Eulalie quickly demonstrated her ability to “keep an eye open for the needs of others”. She had at heart the well-being of others and the desire to contribute to their happiness. Throughout her life, this concern is expressed in her attentive and delicate care for children, the sick, the sisters of the community, her neighbors, and members of the clergy. She knew how to embellish her actions with many treats such as maple syrup, orange marmalade and special meals, even though the community’s financial means were limited.

This concern for others is also evident in her approach to education. Her primary concern is to train the child in the proper use of his or her freedom, in a sense of responsibility and justice, and in loyalty. The child’s freedom is guided and supported. It is truly exercised, even by the youngest students. It is suggested, but not imposed. Opportunities for choice and initiative are provided, both in the organization of a religious celebration and in that of a day off.

“…she would never allow herself to ridicule the children or approach them in a haughty manner” which impressed everyone around her, including the children.

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