A visionary woman

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A visionary woman

Faced with the consequences of the absence of schools in the countryside in her time, Eulalie Durocher (Mother Marie-Rose) expressed a wish: to create small convents with a few sisters in the villages to educate young people, especially girls. In her mind, the education of girls would contribute to the development of their family unit, their children, their community and ultimately, society.

A vision that is similar to the one expressed by several public figures still today, including Michelle Obama, former first lady of the United States. The latter stated in 2018, “When you educate a girl, you educate a family, a community, a country.”

Today, Mother Marie-Rose would reflect with us on the Quebec reality, for example on our master thinkers. She would judge, as we do, the importance of media, this world outside the family that puts pressure on the child, even before parents have been able to play their role as mediators. She would reflect on all the new phenomena that upset the foundations of a civilization; the family, religion and school. Like us, she would seek to detect the new values that are emerging and would build on them new means of education. As in the past, she would say to herself that a good education is one that forms the whole human person, that the spiritual dimension of the human being cannot be left in a state of underdevelopment without depriving him of a right that reaches into the most intimate depths of his being. (Excerpt from a writing by Sr. Marthe Lacroix, snjm)


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