“A healthy mind in a healthy body”

SNJM Memory Lane Why an oratory to the Virgin Mary?

In the residential school prospectus in the 1850s it is mentioned that the students receive “every care to strengthen their health by healthy exercise and abundant food”.[1]   The sisters had already put into practice the quote “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. This approach was never abandoned. The practice of individual and team sports is a natural addition to the curriculum of SNJM schools around the world.

From the beginning, this will of the nuns is expressed by the installation of a space of recreation in the east of the garden at the Convent of Longueuil. Some photographs taken over a few decades confirm the presence of swings and seesaws. The playground also includes a sliding structure, two squares for playing cricket and a fenced tennis court. It is suspected that this court becomes an ice rink in the winter. Later, the large field will welcome cross-country skiing enthusiasts.

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