Patti LeBlanc, Manitoba

Becoming an associate seems so obvious to me now! But, when Mother Marie Rose was sending me gentle nudges over the years I was not hearing them at all. Then one day a retired staff member was visiting at work and told me that every morning when she got to work, she asked Mother Marie Rose to look after her family at home while she looked after things here at work. From that moment I was intrigued … and I needed prayers for home. Right away I began learning as much as I could about Mother Marie Rose and the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. The more I learned the more I could see my values, wishes, dreams, and concerns aligned with the Holy Names. I loved the work they did, and what they stood for. I wanted to belong! When I look back, I can see a number of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, and several Associates as they came in and out of my life over the last 17 years. Two years ago, I began the process of becoming a SNJM Associate. Now that I am an Associate, there is nothing I cannot tackle with the SNJM and Associates praying for me and supporting me all the way.