World Oceans Day

The oceans are the true lungs of the planet, providing at least 50% of its oxygen. They are an essential element of the biosphere, being a major source of food and medicine. Despite this, we deplore the destruction of 50% of coral reefs and the depletion of 90% of large fish populations.

While insisting on the essential role of the oceans, this world day wishes to mobilize and unify the efforts of all the populations of the world in favor of a more sustainable management of the oceans while underlining their beauty and their richness.

In addition, the year 2021 under the theme “Ocean for Life and Livelihood” initiates a new United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development. One of the goals of this decade is to strengthen international cooperation on scientific research and innovative technologies to link ocean science to the needs of our societies.

To protect the oceans on a daily basis, here are some actions that everyone can take:

  • Use environmentally friendly sunscreens without negative impacts on corals
  • Stop drinking bottled water
  • Pay attention to the use of water by not letting it run unnecessarily
  • Give preference to natural products
  • Limit plastic packaging
  • Avoid throwing waste anywhere outside including masks and cigarette butts

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