World Day of the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation

The International Women’s Speaking Group is behind the creation of the World Day for the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation. This day of awareness serves to remind us that this ugly phenomenon claims 4 million new victims every year. Women and children are often the first victims of sexual exploitation, a practice which reduces human beings to the status of a commodity that can be bought, sold, and raped.

Information campaigns such as this series of video capsules produced by the Canada Research Chair on the placement and rehabilitation of adolescents in difficulty (Université de Sherbrooke) are initiated to highlight the impact of sexual exploitation on its victims. (Videos in French).

At the same time, some organizations organize annual targeted campaigns. This is the case of ECPAT, a network of civil society organizations and coalitions that share a common goal – to end the sexual exploitation of children.

Source photo : Équipe Ecpat-France