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To mark World Water Day, the SNJM Water-Ecology Committee has produced a newsletter encouraging people to take action on a daily basis. In addition to highlighting the theme chosen for the day by the United Nations [UN], the newsletter presents brief situation reports from Africa, South America and North America (English | Español).

Included are references to interesting documents, video vignettes, and suggestions for action. As we are in the midst of the “Decade of Water” [2018-2028], the UN’s campaign is calling for more action to accelerate change towards solving the water and sanitation crisis by 2030. The Water-Ecology Committee is adding its voice and inviting people to take action by identifying “what can be done here … and now,” taking into account each individual’s reality.

Throughout the year, by way of its newsletters, the SNJM Water-Ecology Committee offers reflections on water, the subject of a corporate stand taken by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary [SNJM] in 2008. The committee is composed of SNJM Associates Sharon Elliott [WA], Dorothy Guha [QC] and Pat Iwata [OR] and Sisters Josephine Chudzik [Manitoba], Mary Annette Dworshak [U.S.-Ontario] and Yvonne Massicotte [Manitoba].