Explore the global water crisis with the Water Ecology Committee’s newsletter

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In its November publication, the Water Ecology Committee reminds us of the harsh reality of a water crisis that is only getting worse with climate change. The bulletin lists various situations: droughts, floods and famine, highlighting the words of Laudato Si’ “clean and pure water is a matter of primary importance, because it is indispensable for human life as well as for sustaining terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems…”

In this newsletter, there are several links, some of which lead to video clips, reports and a film produced by the Laudato Si’ Global Movement. These are relevant resources to explore the multiple facets of this global crisis. You can consult it on the committee’s page, under the tab 2022 – Animation and reflections. It is available in English, Spanish and French.

At the same time, the Water-Ecology Committee welcomes a new member to the group, Ms. Sharon Elliott, SNJM Associate (WA). She joins Associates Dorothy Guha (QC), Pat Iwata (OR) and Sisters Josephine Chudzik (Manitoba), Mary Annette Dworshak (U.S.-Ontario) and Yvonne Massicotte (Manitoba).