The Healing Power of Water

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The SNJM Water-Ecology Committee has selected, for its latest communication, the theme of the healing power of water. In addition to the main article, the theme of water in relation to climate change and indigenous peoples is addressed.

We discover the impacts of the recent earthquake in Haiti where the lives of thousands of children and families are now at risk, just because they don’t have access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. The return of certain diarrheal diseases could have disastrous consequences on an already vulnerable population. At the same time, we present hopeful initiatives to help children in particular.

Water is an important element in the culture of First Nations. The lyrics of the proposed song clearly reminds us of this. We also realize that the problem of non-access to potable water is still very much alive given 32 communities are still subject to 45 water quality advisories in Canada. South of the border, a recent survey reveals that the racial divide is clearly seen in terms of access to drinking water.

This new communication is very extensive. It provides several links to deepen the various aspects mentioned. To be read in one of the three languages: English | Español | French

The Water Ecology Committee is composed of Sisters Josephine Chudzik (Manitoba), Mary Annette Dworshak (U.S.-Ontario) and Yvonne Massicotte (Manitoba) and the following SNJM affiliates: Dorothy Guha (Qc), Pat Iwata (OR) and Sharon West (FL).