UNANIMA: Environment, Indigenous Issues and Human Dignity in the Spotlight

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In its June publication, UNANIMA International highlights concerns around major themes such as Environment, Homelessness and Human Trafficking.

In her reflection, the Executive Director focuses on the environment, noting that this is the beginning of the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. She makes the links between environmental and social justice and highlights some of the steps that everyone can take to help protect the environment.

The newsletter also highlights the organization’s latest efforts in producing a brand new document dedicated to homelessness entitled “The Intersections of Family Homelessness and Human Trafficking”. Links are provided to the document and to presentations given at the launch, including one on human trafficking.

The news section covers current issues, including homelessness and the NGO Committee for Social Development, which will have an important meeting in July.

There is also information on advocacy related to Haiti and Aboriginal issues, as well as regular intern columns and community testimonials. Read on.

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