Still fighting today for a clean water supply

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World Water Day 

On the eve of World Water Day on March 22, the SNJM Water-Ecology Committee has prepared a new communication in support of this year’s theme on water valuation.

The campaign aims to encourage the sharing of stories, thoughts and experiences about what water means to each of us. It also serves as an opportunity to encourage people to learn more about water issues. The committee’s document contains many links to more information in the form of text and videos.

Beyond the statistics of the United Nations, which reminds us that one person out of three, that is to say 2.2 billion human beings, does not have access to clean water, there are a lot of consequences. The testimony of Josicleide, a citizen of Maceió in Brazil, makes us aware of all the impacts in people’s lives of a poor supply of drinking water or its absence. There is also a reference to a video on the water situation in Vietnam.

Consult the Water-Ecology Committee document available in three languages:

English | Español | French