Mid-Atlantic Sisters Take Action Against Death Penalty

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Last weekend, the Mid-Atlantic Mission Centre co-hosted a Zoom presentation on the death penalty with the group Pennsylvanians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, a grassroots organization dedicated to ending capital punishment in Pennsylvania. 

Four presentations were offered, followed by Q&A. One lawyer spoke about the horror he witnessed as one of his clients was executed. A second lawyer spoke of mistakes and inferior lawyering that puts criminals on death row, including innocent individuals. 

Two state legislators spoke about their efforts to eliminate the death penalty in Pennsylvania. Ann Marean, SNJM, Carroll Ann Kemp, SNJM, Kathleen Keller, SNJM and Carol Ries, SNJM (all Mid-Atlantic) attended the virtual Protest Rally Against Executions, which took place on Dec. 6. Sr. Carol added this comment: “As I write this article on Dec. 10, Brandon Bernard is scheduled for execution — on Human Rights Day. May Brandon rest in peace.”