Handwashing: an act of love for humanity

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The COVID-19 pandemic provides a great opportunity for the SNJM Water-Ecology Committee to highlight the serious hygiene crisis that is taking place around the world.

In its recent communication, the Committee recalls that 40% of the world’s population lacks access to basic sanitation facilities for washing hands with soap and water. Beyond the statistics, the importance of handwashing in daily life is noted in both COVID and non COVID times.

With its “Learn, Pray, Act” approach, the Committee invites people to make of one’s handwashing an act of gratitude and encourages action by supporting causes. To these, we can also highlight the SNJM mission projects (hyperlink).

The SNJM Water-Ecology Committee is the result of the recent transformation of the former SNJM Justice & Peace Network, the initiator of the Corporate Stand on Water adopted by the Congregation in 2008. At various times over the year, the new committee presents reflections on a specific theme to encourage continued interest in water issues and the implementation of local actions. SNJMs are invited to share this with any and all partners.

You can access the document available in three languages:

English | French | Español