NWCRI Publishes Shareholder Actions Report

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Vicki Cummings, CFO, has shared the annual report of the Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment (NWCRI), which has information about the shareholder actions taken by its members during the past year. A program of the Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center, NWCRI has 14 member organizations, including the U.S.-Ontario Province.

The report details proposals made to various companies on social justice issues important to us, including COVID-19 safety, gun safety, human rights and environmental care, along with a complete list of the 2019-2020 shareholder activities.

The list can be found on page seven of the report and includes a “P” next to the shareholder resolutions filed by the U.S.-Ontario Province and a “C” next to the resolutions filed by the SNJM Congregation.

(Source – Connections – SNJM U.S.-Ontario)