General Chapter in a New Way

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From October 3 through October 11, SNJM sisters and affiliates from Brazil, Canada, Lesotho, Peru and the United States met via 22 virtual gatherings for the Official Opening of this significant event in our lives, our 35th General Chapter.

In addition to this exceptional way of opening a General Chapter, was the historic presence of partners who will be with us throughout the yearlong journey of Chapter. These partners are colleagues in ministry, alumnae, religious of other congregations, collaborators in mission, and fundamentally, persons who share our SNJM spirit and values. In a spirit of mutuality, each one has committed to embrace this yearlong experience of discovery and discernment.

At these virtual gatherings, the Chapter theme The Call of Our Lives! resounded in our hearts as we heard it proclaimed from around the world in Spanish, French, Sesotho, English and Portuguese. In small subgroups, we surfaced what we believe to be essential calls as we embark on this yearlong journey. The main calls that emerged with great strength and frequency center on climate change, racism, white privilege, inclusion, as well as partnership and transformation.

The next concrete step is for sisters, affiliates and partners to form Chapter Circles, in which they will reflect and share together with the help of a monthly Chapter Guide, focusing on various facets of The Call of Our Lives!

A significant journey has just begun. We trust in the presence of the Spirit all along the way.