UNANIMA International Newsletter, April 2020 Edition

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The first edition of the 2020 UNANIMA International newsletter, is now available on the SNJM Congregational website. UNANIMA International is a valued partner of SNJMs, with Sr. Barbara Spears, SNJM, acting as liaison.

In addition to containing the usual updates on news and publications from the UN and the UNANIMA Governing Council, the April 2020 Edition features stories and profiles that touch upon on-going SNJM commitments.

For instance, one story focuses on the first assembly ever dedicated to affordable housing, held during the 58th Commission for Social Development at the United Nations headquarters right before the coronavirus pandemic hit New York. People directly affected by homelessness were invited to share their stories publicly during this assembly, thus joining their voices with others advocating for housing as a human right.

Also featured are profiles of Mary McAleese, former President of Ireland, and Sister Seraphine Ratavy (FDLS), the two recipients of the UNANIMA Women of Courage Award.

Not only is this newsletter informative, but it is an example of the solidarity that SNJM has with some twenty other religious congregations working in 80 countries, who are also UNANIMA International members.

The newsletter is available in four languages: