UNANIMA Update from the Commission for Social Development 

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UNANIMA International played a major role in making homelessness the theme for the 58th Commission for Social Development at the United Nations, which took place Feb. 9-21. Barbara Spears, SNJM (Mid-Atlantic), who was in New York for the commission, notes that it was the first time in the history of the UN that homelessness has been presented as a focus.

UNANIMA International partnered with member states, United Nations departments and other NGOs on a number of events surrounding the issue and will continue advocacy into the future. What a wonderful accomplishment for all the NGOs involved. Another highlight was the Woman of Courage Awards Ceremony on Feb. 10 in the Delegates Dining Room of the UN. This year’s recipient was Mary McAleese, former president of Ireland.

At this same event, UNANIMA launched two publications on homelessness. Sr. Barbara invites you to take a few moments to check out the newly launched UNANIMA website, where you will be able to review the new publications in the very near future.