SNJM Feminism

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Since the foundation of the Congregation with the goal of providing education to girls, the Sisters of Holy Names of Jesus and Mary have always advocated the advancement of the cause of women.

In the 1990’s the feminist trend strengthens, in particular with the creation, by Ontario and United States sisters, of the SNJM Feminist Liberation Theology Group, and by the organization of retreats on the feminist theology.

For their part, Quebec sisters are taking part of the Marche mondiale des femmes, as shown by the chronicle of the Congregational House in Longueuil of May 26, 1995:

“Under the sign Du Pain et des Roses (Bread and Roses), thousands of women walk from Montreal, Longueuil and Rivière-du-Loup to Quebec, to alert the Government about the injustices against Quebec women. In solidarity, a few sisters from the house, including the Leadership team, walk with the group on St-Charles and Chambly Streets. For the occasion, we host for a night ten women from Abitibi and we loan our Caravan car to the organizers for a week.”

These reflexions and engagements led to corporate stands by the Congregation on social justice and against humain trafficking.