August 9, 1844, the community leaves the Foundation House for the Convent of Longueuil

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Following various approachs and requests of the priest of Longueuil and the bishop of Montreal, Eulalie Durocher, Mélodie Dufresne and Henriette Céré founded the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, whose mission is “the education of young people of their sex and especially poor girls”.
On October 28, 1843, the new community settled in the parish school located at the corner of St. Charles and Chambly streets, in front of the church of Longueuil, where Henriette Céré already teaches.
The Foundation House, the Bethlehem of the congregation, became quickly too small to meet the needs. To solve the problem of space, the parish council of Longueuil gave to the SNJM a house acquired in 1842 with the aim of establishing a teaching religious community. Work is done and on August 9, 1844, sisters and pupils moved in the new residence. For 138 years, the SNJM sisters teach at the Convent of Longueuil.