Memories of St-Clement-de-Viauville School

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In a letter sent to the SCA, a former student attest to the place which the SNJM Sisters held in his life. In fact, following a request for information about a former teacher, he writes :

“This dates back to 1943 at St-Clément-de-Viauville School; I was 6 years old at the time and I have always had pleasant memories of this individual (Sister Blanche-Marie, Gisèle Choquette). I must admit that I have difficulty holding back my tears writing this letter, because I would so much have liked to see her again and to thank her for having guided me during my adolescence. I will hold wonderful memories of her until the end of my days.”

The history of Saint-Clément School goes back to 1909, when the Maisonneuve School Board rented five classrooms in Sainte-Émélie Convent from the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, which was located at 4837 Adam Street in Montreal.

At the beginning of the school year 1913-1914, the new Saint-Clément School was opened, at 4770 Lafontaine Street, on the corner of Theodore Street, in the Viauville Parish. As the result of a fire, the school which had been completely destroyed was rebuilt at 4780 Lafontaine Street.

From the time of its opening, the SNJM Sisters taught girls at the primary level; beginning in 1925, they also provided secondary-level education. Nevertheless, in 1925, a few classes at the primary level were started up for boys.

In June 1964, following the changes in the Quebec education system, the Sisters moved from their residence at Saint-Clément School; they maintained the administration of the school until 1967; a few of the Sisters continued to teach students at the primary level in this milieu until 1977.