An inspirational figure

This section refers to the second poster displayed in the Marie-Rose Chapel at the Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue Co-Cathedral. It aims to present various aspects related to the beatification of Marie-Rose Durocher. It is an invitation to discover and better understand the devotion to the founder of the SNJM.

Always on a mission for justice and the safeguarding of Creation An inspirational figure Educating to liberate and transform To help: Women and children in difficulty, migrant and refugee people, people in search of meaning... Tribute Why a religious congregation?

Pathways to Discovery

In this first block of information, learn about Bishop Bernard Hubert’s tribute to Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher. We present some excerpts from his homily during the celebration of thanksgiving held in Rome, three days after her beatification on May 23, 1982. Another text explains the reasons for the presence of the tomb in the co-cathedral of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue. There are also some examples of requests for intentions and fervor attributed to Mother Marie-Rose. In the coming weeks, we will add a short audio clip to explain the nature of the miracle, details on the transfer of the tomb and some elements on her spirituality.

An inspirational figure for all

Fire Upon the Earth

An overview of the legacy of a woman of faith and conviction.

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Do you know the nature of Mother Marie-Rose's miracle?

Sr. Simone Perras tells the story of the miracle attributed to Mother Marie-Rose. This fact was an important element in the study of the cause for the beatification of the founder of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.