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¡Ven! ¡Estás bienvenida! Come! You are welcome here! Three years ago, knowing my heart´s deepest desire to return to South America, Sr. Cathy Beckley put me in contact with Sr. Brigid Baumann who responded to my unsolicited e-mail by saying, ¨Come! You are welcome here!¨ So, without looking back, I left everything in Seattle to encounter the life I currently love in Lima, Perú.


The Centro María Rosa is, in its essence, a witness to solidarity with the community, promoting a very real prioritization of women and children. I have felt great joy in accompanying a few young gals who completed their studies in IRFA (a program for adults to finish their primary and secondary education) to go pick up their diplomas in order to continue studying or find better jobs.

Likewise, reading books to toddlers, helping them paint with their feet, observing them discover how to build with blocks, and encouraging their young mothers to feed their children nutritious food in the Early Stimulation program can only be described as a gift of joy.

What a delight when the little ones toddle over and give you a hug at the end of the session! There is also a sense of fulfillment in watching their growth and development with a good diet and a mom who is patient and encouraging!

Not only have I been gifted with the opportunity to accompany toddlers, children, teenagers and adults at the Centro, but through the encouragement and opportunities provided by the Sisters, I have also helped to prepare a human trafficking presentation for the Associates, taught guitar classes with Brigid, and coached and played for the girls´ soccer team at the church. ¨Why not?¨ sure makes for an exciting life!

I am grateful for the invitation, ¨¡Ven!¨ so I, too, could come and witness God at work in this community through joy, patience, flexibility, solidarity, openness and encouragement. Gracias to the Sisters, the community here, and above all, ¡gracias a Dios!

Erin Scherer, volunteer with the SNJMs in Lima, Perú your social media marketing partner




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