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Marie-Rose Center
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Marie-Rose Center is located in the Congregational House.

80 Saint Charles Street East
Longueuil, Quebec J4H 1A9
(450) 651-8104 - Ext. 1209

Its role:

  • to introduce people to Marie-Rose Durocher,
   a woman attentive to her people;
   to reply to requests sent to us from all over the    world;
  • to offer a guided tour of the historical sites.

A visitor to the Center may view

   the Marie-Rose Durocher museum;
   the chapter room, where early important
   decisions for the Congregation were made;
   Marie-Rose’s office and bedroom;
   the convent chapel, built in 1847;
   the adjacent foundation house, transported to    the convent property in 1959 and declared an    historical monument in 1960.


The Marie-Rose Chapel, situated not far from the Centre, is a recommended complement to the visit of the historical sites. It is open to the public who are invited to pray at the tomb
of Marie-Rose Durocher.